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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Petulangan : Wooden Sarcophagus

Petulangan: Wooden Sarcophagus.

It is where the body is going to be cremated. When it gets to the cemetery ground, the body is lifted down from the cremation tower and being placed in this wooden sarcophagus. The forms of the sarcophagus are certain kind of animal that have a religious value. As we know that the Hindu religion in India are consists of many sects which is different one to another, but on the island of Bali, most of those sects came and spreads around the island. Later on they are melted into one and even it’s influenced by Buddhism and also old ancient beliefs.

Even if they have been melted but the trace of those sects are still slightly existed in the community. So the form of the sarcophagus shows us of those certain sect. for the family who are using Lembhu (Cow) sarcophagus comes from the Shiva Sect regardless of what caste they come from. Naga Kahang ( Winged Dragon), Gajahmina ( animal that lives in the water) are used by the family whose their ancestors were Vishnu sect. for the family whose their ancestors were following the Brahma sect, using sarcophagus in a form of a tiger, lion, bear and other wild animals. Besides the above forms pf sarcophagus, there is also a simple form which is called Bawisiati. It is in a form of a long parallelogram. It is used by any kind of sect, neutral.

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