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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Taman Bali Beadworks

Welcome to our village, Taman. It is a small village that lies on the altitude of 300 m above sea level, inhabited by about 5,000 people and divided into 7 sub-villages. Most of the people are farmers where they grow rice, corn, peanut, cocoa, coconut and other tropical fruit trees are widely grown here in the village. Our village is very self-sufficient of foods as we grow most of our food supplies.

Besides farming, many of the people are working as craftsmen of wood carving, basket’s weaving and beadworks. Starting from school children and adults are involved in the work of craftsmanship to support their life and in preserving the art itself to be passed down to the next generation. Patient and hard work are being a part of our daily life and are shown in the people artworks as a reflection of our religion and culture. Beautiful woven objects are made in everyday life like our beautiful daily offerings that is woven from a young coconut leaf. It is a way for us to express our sense of art and beauty and as a way to thank to the God for all the blessings that we have been accepting in our life.
Our beaded baskets are an amazing and unusual handicraft with the attention to the details and designs. You have to see one of our beaded basket's creations in person, so you can appreicate its beauty and complexity. It is beautifully crafted and lovely to behold to admire the passionate craftsmenship in its creation. A peice of artwork with love, dedication and devotion.

Your great kindness in purchasing our creations will help our fellow artisans continue this incredible art form. It will be truly great to be able to keep this wonderful art and culture alive for our next generation as an ancient treasures of human's life.

We strongly committed to help income people for generating livelihoods, by providing employment and income opportunities, and marketing their products. We deeply consider it as a way to support the survival of traditional craft and our local artisan who have been contributing their time, effort and passion in creating these wonderful handicrafts. We trade our finest beadworks from the local bead workers who live in a small village of Taman and Bongkasa, to the west from the art village of Ubud, Bali. All of our products that we offer to our customers are of a very high quality workmanship that is deeply rooted with our tradition and culture. Our products are a great devotion of our craftsmen who are strongly holding on to their tradition, culture and religion. It is a reflection of the colors of their life and the living cultures.

Our Bali Unique Beaded Baskets are created on rattan woven basket which various kinds of beautiful shapes and sizes. Our products are truly pieces for collectors as well as for travel’s gifts, presents and for fabulous home interior decors. We are also welcome our customers of self-designs enquiries for your products requirements and we are going to be more than please to create them in our work.


Anonymous said...

These baskets are beautiful. I didn't know your villagers made these. Let's go check some out when we visit.

Ed said...

Sorry, I didn't identify my last post as Ed and Pam. I love the top basket on the site.

Anonymous said...

thanks, Ed. I hope that you will help me in promoting our local artworks to the world.