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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Beauty of Bangle Village - East Bali

A small rough road off the main street at Amed Village leads us to a small village named Bangle. It surrounded by mountain with its beautiful terrace field on its side. Mots of the people are still practicing traditional rice farming, ploughing the field helped by the cows and all the planting and harvesting are done by hand. The villagers are still living in a very traditional ways. The whole day they would spend it on the field doing their farming to produce food for their family. Kids are diligently helping their parents doing a little work on the field or cutting the grass for their cattle.

Women are patching water from the nearby natural spring and carry it home on their head for cooking and drinking water, picking up fire woods as most of the cooking are still done in traditional wooden stoves.

The village life is absolutely a contrast of the life in Amed which has been so much different over

the last few years because of the tourism facilities development where its people have been adopting much of the western influences and modernisation, but the traditional way of life that's still exist in this village is truly offering much more peace and harmony to our spirit, a peaceful and tranquil place for the body and soul.

Little girl carrying a piece of firewood to home from the field.
Girls are busy cutting the grass to feed the cows that are used to plough the field for growing rice.
Two little girls are carrying the grass on their head, heading home.
Grandmother carrying stack of firewoods and green for the pig.

Man busy ploughing the field for growing rice, helped by the cows.
Girls are cutting the grass along the irrigation canals along the paddy field for the cows.

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