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I am just a 38 years old fellow from a small village named Taman, on the island of Bali. There is nothing that is too special about me. I am not a person with degree but I always love to have opportunity to learn new things in my life. I am working just as a driver and tour guide for Bali and I have been happy doing it for more than 16 years now and it might be the only things that I can do for the rest of my life.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Natural Bubbles

When I was a child, by living in a small farming village there was not much to do to have fun except playing around our farming village and making toys out of the anything that grow around us. We have many castor trees that normally grow along the fences of our farms. None of us was having any detergent to make bubble at the time as it was very expensive and our parents will not allow us to use it for playing and having fun with it. We love making bubble and we are using the sap of the castor trees to create our bubble and we had much fun making our own bubble with the sap of the tree as there are so much growing in our village so we never run out of it in making our bubbles.

We just picked the stem of the leaf and broke it, but still having a little bit of the skin of the stem left to create the little hole where we can blow the sap to create the bubbles. From one stem we can create hundreds of bubbles but it depends on how good that you broke it and how good that you blow it.

If you will ever visit Bali, let me teach you making your own bubbles from the castor tree’s sap and you are going to have lots of fun. I often teach my tours clients to make their own bubbles and they are all having great fun.

I love to demonstrate my bubble's making from the sap of the Castor oil Trees. It is more fun than using any soap or detergent.


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