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Friday, September 07, 2007

Ubud Cremation - September 07, 2007

It is the Bade of Puri Carangsari Royal Cremation in 2005

These two pictures are the Bade which was devoted to the last queen of Ubud, the grand royal cremation on July 24th, 2004.

People are starting to rush into the center of Ubud Village to witness another royal cremation for a member of the Ubud Royal family. It was a woman who died and is being cremated today.
The cremation tower was about 90 feet tall and there were also couple wooden sarcophagi that were built in the shape of a black wooden bull.

Thousands of tourists and locals were coming to witness the grand cremation even if it was a bit sunny and hot today but they were all so excited to see the procession. I was hanging around the palace for about 4 hours to wait for the ceremony to start. It was around 1.30 PM, when they started to lift the tower to a bamboo ladder for the purpose of placing the coffin into a platform at around the middle height of the tower itself. The crowed was flocking into the area around the tower to get a close look at the people who were carrying the body onto the tower. There are three men from the royal family sitting next to the coffin all the way to the cemetery ground where they are going to cremate the body. The tower was carried by hundreds of men, and because of the weight of the tower, the procession moved slowly in between thousands of spectators who flooded the street all the way to the cemetery ground.

A couple of fire trucks kept following behind the tower to spray water to the carriers of the tower to keep them cooler as the heat was not only coming from the sun but also coming from all the people who were flooding the street telephone and electric workers have taken away all the wires that were crossing the street to allow the tall tower to go through, they got the tower to the cemetery ground and people were taking the coffin off the tower to place it on the wooden bull where it is going to be blessed with the final blessing and ceremony before they start to light the fire to get the whole thing to burn into ashes. The tower was burnt separately from the body which was creating a huge flame that spread a tremendous heat around the graveyard.
Short, it was quite a spectacle for everyone who was there to witness this rare ceremony.

The tower is moving slowly to the cemetery ground

The lit the fire on the wooden bull where the bidy is placed.

Placing the body on to the tower
Procession starts

Men bringing the ceremonial things and the coffin onto the tower
The tower slowly moves

Nine layers of roof-Symbol of the heaven
Wooden Bull
Moving the tower closer to the bamboo lather
Black Lembu-wooden bull.

View of the Bade (cremation Tower)from a distance
Backside of the Bade with a picture of Bhoma (Son of the earth)

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