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I am just a 38 years old fellow from a small village named Taman, on the island of Bali. There is nothing that is too special about me. I am not a person with degree but I always love to have opportunity to learn new things in my life. I am working just as a driver and tour guide for Bali and I have been happy doing it for more than 16 years now and it might be the only things that I can do for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My European Trip!

I never believed it that I would have the opportunity to visit Europe and It has been such an overwhelming trip for me to be able to see the European Countries even if I have been only in Germany and Holland but It has been giving me such a great impression about Europe. I will not write much at the moment but love to share some pictures that I have taken during my visit here in Europe.

I flew to Europe with Qatar Airline from Denpasar to Singapore and stop over in Doha Airport before flying to Munich, Germany. It was surely a long trip and very tiring.

After arriving in Germany, I went straight to a little town named Konigsbrunn where I have spent my first 2 weeks of my visit in Europe. It is a beautiful little town which has so much farms around and also some beautiful lakes that are easily to be visited by Bicycle. 

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