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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I have red the book, I have seen most of the places where the story took place and have met some of the people  who were big part of the Bali chapter. They have made a movie out of the story and some of the shooting was in my village and I really can not wait to see the whole movie.

When you look on the above picture, it was exactly the road that I drive through almost everyday and enjoying the beauty of that  green paddy field. Sometimes, I would drive through early in the morning when the sun rises behind the coconut trees reflecting its light on the flooded field, sparkling on the morning dew on the green grass along the dike of the paddy field. But there is always be a fabulous sunset that I would be pampered with in some of my days driving through this tranquil village with its stunning panorama over rice paddies and sacred mountains in a distance.

Mr. Ketut Liyer who was in the book Eat Pray Love is a famous Balinese healer around Ubud and  I have known since 1996 when I used to accompany a group from the US to do palm reading and also getting the magic drawing. He is such a great man and I always enjoyed myself being there and listening to his funny English that always made our group were laughing every time that he was speaking to us. Oh well, I should had gotten my palm reading at the first time that I met him but I never did which I am feeling sorry about it now. I wish that I did...

A few weeks ago I was taking my Aussie friend there visiting his home but It was so unfortunate for us as he was in the hospital. He has been complaining about his health just like what it was written on the book. I am just hoping that he would be home soon and could give his service again for the visitors as surely there are a lot of them coming for a visit everyday since people red the book.

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John Huigsloot said...

Hea Wayan It's John and Dianne from Canada. trying to e-mail you but not getting a response. hope you got it. if not. we are leaving for bali on Feb 24 and leaving on March 20 and staying at the Aston bali and Bali royal suites. I have your mobile phone number and if I don' hear from you one way or the other. I will try calling you.

John Huigsloot